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The Women’s Alliance of La Crosse provides annual assistance to bright, motivated women seeking further education.

We are searching for worthy candidates who may have overcome significant challenges or who can demonstrate that this financial support will enable them not only to complete their studies, but also to make their community a better place. We search for women who have shown strength, leadership and drive in their past, and the motivation to strive for more in their future. We often select candidates whom truly are working to make a better life for themselves, community, and perhaps their family, who has a financial need as well.

While we commend those with exceptional grade point averages, we realize that other factors are often just as important as a high GPA. Scholarship amounts of $250 and above, are awarded depending on the quality and accuracy of the application.

Applicants must be current students who are planning to attend an educational institution during the Spring 2021 term and have ties to the La Crosse area. All scholarship winners are encouraged to attend our February 13, 2021 Women’s Alliance luncheon and speak briefly about their background and professional goals.

Please complete and email the application no later than October 31, 2020 to

For additional questions, please review the FAQ document below or feel free to contact us at

For additional questions, please review the FAQ below or feel free to contact us at

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Do the courses being taken have to be working towards a degree? Or can they just be for furthering my education?

Each application is considered on a case by case basis. We encourage all enrolled to apply.

What if my GPA has not been posted yet for this semester, will I need to contact my teachers/professors for my current GPA?

Yes, you will be asked to give us an estimated GPA average. Returning students, please include your most recent unofficial transcript.

What if I’m in my 1st semester and do not have a GPA yet?

Please give us an estimate of what you feel your GPA will be at the end of the term.

Will I need to supply proof that I’m registered and attending college?

Yes, we will need documentation from your college to prove that you are enrolled prior to disbursement of funds. We will work with your institution to determine disbursement date.

What if this is my first year of college, as I have recently graduated high school?

You are welcome to apply, but we hold the scholarship funds until you have completed at least one term at a college or university.

What if I don’t go to school in La Crosse? But this is where I’m from?

We do not require you to attend a college in La Crosse. What we do require is proof of ties to the La Crosse community…whether it be you went to high school here, you have family here, or you plan to get a job here once you graduate.

What if I have a criminal record?

We ask that you fully disclose this in your application as well as a small explanation of the circumstances. This will not necessarily disqualify you from receiving the scholarship. We look at these situations on a case by case basis.

What are the average scholarship amounts that are awarded?

Scholarship amounts vary with a minimum disbursement of $250. These amounts are based on the quality and accuracy of the application and the number of applicants chosen to receive scholarship.